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Shimoda/ExploreLight – New Images Iceland

It’s been a big week at ExploreLight HQ and we are really delighted to be working with some great new companies. Drum roll please as we embark on a new journey with the amazing Shimoda Design.

Shimoda have a range of incredible accessories but it was the bags that really caught my eye. I’m now the proud owner of the Explore v2 35 and I could’nt be happier with it. I’ve used the bag now on trips to Iceland and the Faroe Islands and it’s such a step up in quality from my last bag. It just sits so comfortably on my back first and foremost. My back has been an issue for me over the years and the extra support and better weight distribution feel great. Totally different level of comfort. On top of that, the build quality is next level too. I had my bag out in torrential rain in the Faroes on a hike and all my gear inside stayed bone dry. You can genuinely feel the quality in every aspect of the build. It’s simply superb.

After the end of a very long night shooting in Iceland’s Highlands, we hiked up a wee ridge to experience this view. I was glad to have the comfort of my new Shimoda bag for the hike. The light was simply glorious and the landscape was like being on another planet. Kase Poloriser and .6 medium grad to hold in the sky.

The bag is divided into storage for general items and accessories and then. a core unit for the camera gear. The Core Unit I’m using is the large DSLR V2.This took a bit of getting used to for me. Initially, I thought there wasn’t enough space for my gear as I wasn’t used to not utilising the top section of my bag for camera gear. However, as I moved around the various compartments I realised its just perfect. On top of that the compartment at the top of the bag is great for adding rain trousers, or extra bits you want to bring on a shoot. I feel like I just wasn’t using space efficiently before. 

Sunset in the Highlands. The bag is black but what a glow off the sunset.

This was the beginning of the sunset that just kept on giving. 11 pm until 4 the next morning. Must be the epic Icelandic Midnight Sun I guess. This is where the light on the bag is coming from. 

There are also small compartments for water bottles, mobile phones, wallets, zip pockets for shutter release, cards and all the various accessories any landscape photographer needs. My Kase Filters fit neatly into the front compartment so all up I’m delighted with my new bag. 

Here’s what I can fit in:

– Nikon d850

– Nikon z6

– 16 – 35 F4

– 24 – 70 F2.8

– 70 – 200 f2.8

– 24 mm TS 

– Kase Filter Pouch

– Cards,Shutter releases, etc and all manner of bits and bobs

– phone, water bottle and flasks 

– wet pants in the top compartment

There are links above and below to purchase directly from Shimoda or else drop Bob in Conns a line if you are based in Ireland and want to shop locally. 

Iceland sure is waterfall heaven. It’s hard to communicate the epic scale and drama of this gorge. Hopefully this goes a small way. Vibrant colours and graphic shapes line the walls of the canyon. Quite a sight. Just my Kase poloriser to slow things down here .. 


I shot this image in the middle of the night between sunset and sunrise. Mind you it doesn’t get dark in Iceland in early July. Sunset and sunrise combine. This is shot around 2am. The color of the water was amazing. Kase 10 stop needed for this 465-second exposure. Just trying the make the sky minimal. 


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