Beauty of the Irish Landscape

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Beauty of the Irish Landscape

Happy St Patricks.

Hopefully, the images do the talking here and showcase the epic beauty of the Irish landscape. We’ve gone for dramatic lighting and big skies. No messing around. Hope you enjoy the images and your St Patrick’s weekend.


Dunguaire Castle, Clare. A perfect morning in Kinvara with a great sky, some amazing reflections, and that oh-so-magical mist. It was like a fairytale.

Inagh Pass Connemera. Front lighting is something I would only seek out on those changeable days when there’s a chance of rainbows. The light on this shoot changed so many times. I’d need a dedicated gallery for this just morning. Amazing Irish light ..

Bog Raod, Connemara. Some of the most dramatic light I have ever seen in Connemara. Simply stunning.

Derryclare Lough, Connemara. A special morning of light in Connemara on Ireland’s west. Great clouds, stunning side light, and that all-important reflection. A morning to remember.

Fanad Lighthouse, Donegal in Ireland’s north needs little introduction. I tried to capture a shot of the lighthouse reflecting in the foreground but ended up with a different comp. We were treated to some beautiful light and great clouds for good measure. Not a bad morning at all for a wide angle lens.

St Finians Bay, Kerry. Waves roll in on the BallinSkellig coast in the west of Ireland. Amazing to see the azure Atlantic with the dramatic backdrop on the Skelligs. We were treated to some great light for good measure.

Doo Lough, Co Mayo. A moment of beautiful calm as the clouds cleared at sunset in Doo Lough. I loved the wee pocket of light and how it interacted with the tress. A stunning location.

Downpatrick Head, Mayo. An evening camping with the sound of the ocean at our doorstep in one of Ireland’s most stunning locations. We were treated to a blazing sunset and perfect conditions. What a spot ..

Mount Errigal in Donegal coming through the mist on a Spring sunrise. Amazing to see the stillness and calm ..

Mullaghderg, Donegal really is an unspoiled gem of the Irish landscape. Long sandy beaches abandoned. What a paradise for landscape photographers. Hopefully, this captures some of that amazing energy.

The Burren, Co Clare is famous for its vast expanses of limestone and its craggy shoreline. Look a bit deeper and there are also some amazing beaches where the rock formations stretch to the sea. Glad to have the wellies on for this shot. Very wet feet otherwise.

Doo Lough, Co Mayo. I’ve always loved this beaten-up old tree at Doo Lough, near Connemara. We were fortunate that it was actually surrounded by water after some really heavy rain. A nice wee reflection and some great light was just the ticket.

Athry Lough, Galway. Just as we we’re packing up to leave we got sucked back in by some magical lighting and a crock of gold. I managed to grab a quick hand held shot before the rainbow vanished.

Derryclare Lough, Connemara. Defo one of Ireland’s top photo spots is Derryclare on a calm morning. It looked like the mist was going to do its thing but it just made a short appearance in the backdrop and then fizzled out. This was long before dawn,

Glendalough, Wicklow,  is an area I know so well. It’s my local but without the pints. Just 45 minutes south of Dublin it’s a fantastic escape from the busy city. I’ve had my eye on this tree for a while now and hoped for the right conditions to shoot the classic V of Glendalough in a new way. Full-on commitment to the water required. No one is coming out dry from this position. Focus stacked for increased depth of field. Otherwise, a single exposure.



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