Kase Filters/ExploreLight – New Images Slovenia

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Kase Filters/ExploreLight – New Images Slovenia

Spoiler alert we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Kase Filters. I’m delighted to be using their new Armour system so it seemed appropriate to share why I have switched and what filters I now carry in my bag. I’m going to mix things up with lots of new images made with the new system, plus some insights into the processes used.

The focus is on Slovenia. Kase we’re kind enough to rush me a set of filters before a recent workshop so I could put them to use before committing to using them. I was delighted with the outcome and the user experience.


Day 1, shoot one of our Slovenia Spring 22 workshop. This just screams Slovenia for me. Hilltop church with some beautifully lit peaks. Doesn’t get much better. My Kase polariser really gave this sky some great extra wow factor. It deepens the contrast and makes the peak and clouds pop. .6 medium Grad ND to hold in the sky. 

Nikon d850, 24 – 70, Kase CPL and .6 medium Grad ND

Cards on the table, Kase have supplied me with filters but I’m under no obligation to write this blog or promote them in this way so this is an honest appraisal of where I’m at with my filters. I’m delighted that Conns have also started to stock Kase (they will be at the Big Day this weekend) so you can get them here in Ireland with Bob and Mike too.

I had been an avid Lee user for many a year and they served me great. Before I had even considered switching to Kase here are some of the reasons I wanted to change the system.

I wanted filters that:

  • could be cleaned more easily especially when it came to seaspray.
  • that didn’t scratch as easily or smash every time they dropped
  • that didn’t vignette at wider angles
  • that had no colour cast
  • That had a polariser on the inside of the holder and could be rotated with a dial

The end of an intense sunrise at Jamnik in Slovenia. Many stages of light but the final beams were simply stunning. Nothing quite says Slovenia like a hilltop church. Just a .6 Medium grad ND to hold the sky in here. Not too much effect with the backlighting and the CPL so no need. 

Nikon d850, 70 – 200, Kase .6 Medium GND 

On the hunt for a new filter system my Icelandic pal the mighty Thor suggested Kase. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the magnetic system would work for me. The Armour System. Honestly, I thought it would be flimsy. Quite the opposite. It’s rock solid. The new system ticked all the above boxes plus I prefer the magnetic fitting. It’s just easier to use once you use it a few times. On top of that, I can now use 4 filters instead of 3 and again no vignette even at 16mm. I’ve also tested on Thor’s 15mm Canon mirrorless and again no vignette.

The Armour Holder comes complete with CPL filter and a multitude of rings and step-ups that cover nearly all lens diameters. You can also convert existing filters to the system with the magnetic frames but using the circular fitting for your 3, 6, 10 or 15 stop filters, allows you to use 4 instead of 3 filters.

Lush fresh greens on a Spring day in Slovenia. What an amazing wee spot for shooting rivers. Poloriser here is essential to really deepen the colours then it’s just a matter of preference in terms of shutter speed. I always like things a bit slower so I’ve gone for 10 seconds here. Poloriser and 6 stop combo with my Kase Filters.

Nikon d850, 24 – 70, Kase Poloriser and Kase 6 Stop ND

So here’s what I personally pack in my bag plus a wee video below to demonstrate how the system works.

– Armour 100 Holder

– 3, 6 and 10 stop 100mm Circular Filters

– CPL – Circular Poloriser

– .9 and 1.2 Soft Grad ND

– .6 Medium Grad ND

– .9 Reverse Grad ND

Conns will have 10% off Kase Filters at the Big Day! 

When lightning strikes. Things were starting to feel quite stormy and with an occasional flash for good measure. I’m not a storm chaser but I thought why not run a long exposure and see if I can catch some of the action? I popped on my Kase 6 stop and shot this one at 4 seconds. Hey, presto the gods were listening.

Kase Armour 6 stop and .9 Soft Grad ND


Join us for the Big Day? Conns will have Kase on display and 10% off at the Big Day!

The Big Day - Sept 25th

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