Kerry, Ireland’s South West – NEW Images

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Kerry, Ireland’s South West – NEW Images

It’s been a while since our blog has been updated. There was a bit of a hiatus in photo-related activities through late July and August. Like lots of you guys we were catching up with friends and family and the camera was less likely to make an appearance than a good BBQ and some chilled beverages.

A hiatus is only a pause however and the landscape photography lull can only be short-lived. I’ve just spent the last few days staying in stunning Kenmare and I managed to get out for 4 straight sunrises in the majestic surrounds of the Iveragh and Beara Peninsulas. Team ExploreLight will be revisiting these amazing Irish photographic locations in the Autumn for an Extended Tour plus a long weekend of Black and White Photography. Before Autumn is upon us though I wanted to share some new images from last week. Hopefully, you caught my stories on Instagram? If not make sure to follow us to catch all the adventure. Expect a new blog next week too.  Some stunning calm conditions and I’m a total sucker for a great reflection. 


Finer Details – Killarney Lakes, Ireland

Sometimes you just need to ignore the big view. The sky was awash with amazing colours and the reflections were all around but I was singularly focused on these gentle reads and the reflecting pastels.

Nikon d850, 70 – 200 No Filters, f10 at .8 seconds

Looscaunagh Lough, Co. Kerry

I had hoped to catch the perfect reflection at Eagles Nest but the mist was a bit too foggy and visibility was lower than low. Still, you cant beat a good auld mist. I love using my 70 – 200 on days like this and really isolating some details.

Nikon d850, 70 – 200 Single exposure.

Most unusually I was even drawn to some black and white processing. Some of the locations really suit this type of finishing for me. Especially some of the old structures around Killarney National Park.

Gleninchaquin – Beara Peninsula Ireland

Access to the waterfall for sunset was not possible but I’ve always preferred the look of this waterfall from a distance and I especially like some of Norman McCloskey’s shots of the area. Here are my 10 cents anyway. A rare focus stack with the 14mm at full tilt and up close and personal with these ferns. Crying out for some black and white. Again little experience in non colour events but the foreground was calling out for the conversion.

Nikon d850, 14 – 24, Lee Filters .9 soft grad. Focus stack for depth of field.

Muckross Abbey – Killarney

The inside of the Abbey is especially stunning where the enclosure allows the light to bounce around. Super wide to capture the dual perspective. Lots of dodging and burning with luminosity masks but not a black and white expert so this will have to do.

Nikon d850, 14 – 24, f11 at 1.6 seconds

Kerry South West - Tour Autumn 2021

Extended Workshop

Kerry - Black and White Masterclass

Weekend Workshop

Apps, weather, clouds, predicting colour, tides, what light, what technique, backlight, sidelight and more.

A hugely detailed examination of the factors to consider when planning your landscape shoots plus what techniques you should employ to deal with what conditions.

Plus 15 start to finish edits in post-processing. Learn how to predict the light and also how to develop it into a perfect final expression of your creativity. 

Effective Planning in the Landscape

Developing the Light

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