Embracing Everything – Donegal Part 2 – Early Sunsets

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Embracing Everything – Donegal Part 2 – Early Sunsets

Im going wild and embracing all before me where the landscape is concerned. 


So here goes! Its Donegal on the brain for the next few weeks editing-wise. If you missed last week’s blog you can see a few more images from the trip HERE plus catch up on some general musings.

This week I have included more images fresh off the press but all captured last weekend in the majestic Donegal.  The work is drawn from a sunset I did pre-arrival of the group, plus our first sunset and foray back into the landscape on Thursday evening.

The Murder Hole has been closed off for photographers and the general public, so our plans were altered somewhat. Frustrating not to be able to get access but as I understand it there was a serious lack of respect for the farmer’s land where access had been previously granted. Even as I was there two people were about to jump the fence to gain access despite all the signs. I asked them what they were up to and they simply told me they had come a long way to see the location so they were going to go in anyway. The mind boggles.

Anyway, I managed to scout some totally new locations plus I must say a big thanks to Bernard Geraghty for a heads up on the quite epic arch location in the image below. Stunning spot. Fair play mate!

In the spirit of embracing all things landscape, and feeling thankful for getting out there again,  the images below cover a range of styles. I’m going to simply try and edit the weekend chronologically over the coming weeks and present the images to you guys as the light presented itself to us. Hope you enjoy and they give you a bit of a sense of stunning Donegal.

An Evening Sunset Before the Crew Arrived

Nothing to see here. Just a beautiful sunset and Donegal beaches.

Nikon d850, 24 – 70, Lee Filters 3 Stop ND, .9 medium grad, f16 at 2 seconds, Blend for extreme highlight. 

The Epic Arches of Donegal 

The rugged cliffs of Donegal and a beautiful sea arch for good measure. A stunning display of light over Tory island had us occupied for most of the evening but it was impossible to ignore the dramatic cliffs and arch as the sun set.

Nikon d850, 24mm TS lens (shifted down to keep the arch upright), Lee 6 stop ND, .6 medium grad,  f11 at 30 Seconds

Rays Breaking

The light eventually broke through the clouds over Tory Island and there was a wee moment where the clouds diffused the light somewhat. It’s hard to communicate quite how beautiful the moment was but hopefully this at least touches on the atmosphere.

Nikon d850 and 70 – 200 lens. f 8 at 1/1000 second. I actually grabbed this shot as a quick handheld bracket. NOT the best practice of course but I was shooting very little trying to grab a few shots while making sure the crew were getting their images. 

Blistering Light Over Tory 

Blistering light over Tory Island north Donegal. It felt like it was pouring down from the heavens.

Nikon d850, 70 – 200, lee Filters .6 medium and pano stitch just exposing for the highlights. 

Donegal and North Coast 2022

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