The Passage of Time..Sunrise Landscape Photography in the Gap of Dunloe..

Sometimes you just have to hold position and watch the light unfold. I had explored my foreground options at this beautiful location for landscape photography in the Gap of Dunloe. I felt pretty satisfied this was the best location. With research in check I waited..and waited..Not a bad place to hang around watching the sun come up.. With new light came new atmosphere and new imagery.


This first image was made around 2o minutes before sunrise. The blue hour. The stillness was in the air. Not to mention the expectation of course..


This next photograph was made just before sunrise using a 6 stop nd to slow the exposure to one minute. The idea was to capture movement in the reeds in the foreground and accentuate the shape of the clouds in the sky above as they passed over the mountain ridge. An effect that I must admit I quite enjoy..


The light then became warm as the sun started to try and push through a bank of clouds along the horizon line. It never quite made it onto the distant ridges at prime time. Those clouds. Cant live with em cant live without em. Nevertheless the light in the sky was warm and beautiful and the reflection stayed nice and crisp. All good components for landscape photography.


Finally the cloud broke and the light spilled through. It was 9am at this stage after a 6am departure from our hotel in Killarney. Breakfast was calling..

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