Deposit of the amount stated in the workshop description is required at the time of booking.

The receipt of a deposit does not automatically imply that the workshop is going ahead. We will confirm when the workshop is going ahead by email – when we have the minimum number of participants required to run the workshop.

If participants cancel the workshop the following refund policy will apply

More than 90 days before the workshop commences: full refund minus 100 EUR admin fee.

Less than 90 days no deposit will be refunded.

If ExploreLight cancel the workshop due to insufficient numbers a full deposit will be returned.


Balance Payment is due 3 months before the workshop starts.

The balance payment is non-refundable. However if we find someone to take your place we will refund in full minus 10% Admin fee.

If we do not have the required numbers to run a given workshop, we reserve the right to cancel up to 90 days in advance. We will refund the deposit, but you must have travel insurance to cover any other travel expenses you may incur.

Any cancellation by the client must be made in writing. The date on which the email is received by us will determine the cancellation charges applicable.


By booking an ExploreLight workshop you agree to obtain the appropriate travel insurance cover 3 months before the workshops starts / before balance payment is paid to us.

The insurance must cover the loss, expenses and damages arising from, including but not limited to, the cancellation of the workshop from participants side, personal accident and injury, medical, loss of baggage, theft of camera equipment and personal money and belongings and flight cancellations and delays.


ExploreLight reserves the right to change the tour itinerary due to altered circumstances and weather conditions.


All clients must be in possession of a valid passport, visas or permits if applicable. ExploreLight will provide necessary documentation if visas are needed.


We reserve the right to refuse participation in our workshops. Placing a deposit is not a guarantee of participation. Each participant shall conduct themselves in a civil manner to other workshop participants and workshop leaders.

ExploreLight have a zero tolerance policy to aggressive behaviour and rudeness on our workshops. We reserve the right to ask any participants who are not respecting the code of conduct to leave the workshop. Our workshops are supposed to be educational and fun. Thanks in advance for complying.


Flights are not included in the workshop fee. Participants will need to arrange their own travel. ExploreLight will advise on detailed itinerary, meeting point, etc.

It is not advised to book flights until we confirm we have adequate numbers for this workshop to go ahead. In the event of the workshop not going ahead, we will refund deposits in full. However, we will not compensate flight costs.


Our tours/workshops involve travel in remote, mountainous regions, at high altitudes, where amenities and medical facilities are few and far between. Each country has different standards of quality, safety and hygiene and may not be as high as in Europe. Passenger seat belt regulations may not be widely enforced. Arrangements can and do go wrong. Delays and discomfort can occur. Every effort is made to ensure your safety and well being, but bookings are accepted on the understanding that you appreciate the risks and hazards associated with this sort of travel. ExploreLight cannot be held responsible for; the consequences of any delays, expenses incurred or alterations caused by illness, weather, war, terrorism, political events, civil strife, strikes, natural disaster, technical difficulties or any event beyond our control. The services and facilities included in your tour/workshop comply with local regulations which apply or, if there are no applicable local regulations, if they are reasonable when compared to the local standards and customs.

By attending one of our workshops you are accepting certain risks. Accepting our Terms and Conditions shall serve as a release of our liability and a complete assumption of all risks by you and your heirs, administrator, executor, successors, and assign for all family members and any persons accompanying you. By agreeing to ExploreLight Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you are aware that travel, wherever it may be and by whatever means, involves some inherent risk of injury, illness, death, loss, or damage to personal property, which may be caused by acts of nature, negligence or actions of others.

By agreeing to ExploreLight Terms and Conditions you accept that participation in a programme, workshop, excursion, expeditions, other activities, or any program that ExploreLight or their assigns, may be conducting, you are voluntarily releasing ExploreLight and their employees, assigns, independent contractors, and all those involved with it, from any liabilities, because, by participating you agree to assume all risks yourself.

You are voluntarily traveling to areas that may be remote, mountainous, desert, which may not be maintained to the standards you are accustomed and therefore may involve certain additional risks, dangers, and inconveniences including, but limited to, terrorism, forces of nature, wild animals, roads, walkways, trails, and other means of conveyance. You must also be aware that medical services and facilities any not be readily available during all or part of the trip, including medical care, presence of physicians, and medication. We assume no liability for medical care.

Your application signifies your full understanding and agreement that you release and hold harmless ExploreLight its officers, agents, sponsors, associates, sub-contractors, from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, claims, debts, and demands of every kind whatsoever which you now have or which may arise in connection with your participation in any activities arranged by them without limitation, all liability, actions, causes of action, claims, debts, and demands related to the negligence of said persons.

You have assumed the responsibility to select an activity appropriate to your physical abilities and interests. You are personally responsible for being in sufficiently good health to undertake the activity. By submitting this signed form you certify that you do not knowingly have any physical or other considerations of disability that would create a risk for you or other participants.. You will be responsible for studying all pre-trip information; for bringing all equipment, personal items, and appropriate clothing; for conforming to standards of dress and hygiene; and for acting in a manner considerate of fellow participants, locations and environments, and locations. We reserve the right to cancel any activity and to accept or reject any person as a member of any activity. The program, workshop, expedition, excursion, or trip leaders judgment shall provide the ultimate determination of an individuals ability to participate in, or continue to participate in, any activity or program.

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