New Year – New Photoshop/Post Production Skills

Post Production, or image editing is an essential part of any photographers skillset. Frustrating, infuriating, are a few words we often hear from people describing their relationship with editing. We want to help you to take that frustration away, and in our upcoming courses, we aim to help you bring your skills to the next level.

Click Here for Photoshop Advanced..

Click Here for Luminosity Masks ..

Click Here for Lightroom Level 1 ..

These courses are very much geared towards people who already have a solid foundation (except Lightroom Level 1 is for beginners). Hence we class both courses as suited to intermediate/advanced level participants. Peter will not be holding anything back sharing his full wealth of knowledge.

It’s a great chance to think about things a little bit differently, get inspired, and take some big leaps forward in your journey to perfect image editing.

Check out some examples below ..


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