Lofoten – New Images – Times Gone By ..

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Lofoten – New Images – Times Gone By ..

Hey guys. Hope everyone is doing well out there. We have a massive backlog of images to process from the Autumn workshops but seeing as we are getting ready to jet off to Iceland and Norway over the next month I decided to deal with some even older backlog and edit some images from Lofoten I’ve been looking at on hardrives for a number of years. Lofoten is abundant photography-wise hence the image hangover. A good problem I guess. Too many images to process.

Hopefully some inspiration below plus a wee bit of insight on the making of the pictures. We also have 1 place for Iceland and Lofoten if you fancy a last-minute jaunt there’s a link below to each workshop.

Lofoten Lights – Norway

When the lights just go crazy crazy it’s quite the experience. We were treated to perfect conditions and a stunning show to match. Twas a little chilly but well worth the effort.

High ISO and open apertures are needed for this type of image. f2.8 ISO 1600 at 20 seconds. Focusing can also be difficult so useful to try and shoot the lights with a guide that might help. Almost impossible to get this right first-time solo. Processing wise I’ve desaturated the snow so it’s nice and clean and just let those big greens glow.

Pastels at Hamnoy – Norway 

Pastel dawn in your back garden. It can only be Lofoten. I’ve used a 24mm TS lens here which gives the mountain a more upright feel. It’s nice to create this in-camera where possible. I see so many images online these days with crazy PS transforms. Not my cup of tea especially when poorly executed. A 6 Stop Lee ND and a .9 soft Lee filter for the sky and exposure completed. Standard dodge and burn in processing and hey presto.

d850 24mm TS f11 at 75 seconds

Lines at Dawn – Lofoten, Norway 

The pastel dawn might seem warm and inviting but I can promise you guys I was so so so cold taking this picture. Well worth it to experience the amazing beaches of Lofoten. Wide angle, point down use a grad to balance. Not too tricky a business.

Nikon D850 14 – 24 Lee Filters .9 Soft Grad and 3 Stop ND


Arctic Beach – Lofoten, Norway 

There’s nowhere like Lofoten. The gentle pastels, open beaches, and azure waters in an arctic setting. This image just typifies the place for me. Loooove it .. My own preferred style here. Gentle and high key and just the right light for this type of finishing.

Nikon D850 24 – 70 Lee Filters .9 Soft Grad and 6 Stop ND Lee Filters


Blue Hour – Reine Lofoten, Norway 

A painting at dawn. Lights just coming on over the bridge at Reine. What a view to wake up to everyday. Photographers paradise. I’ve processed the cool and warm tones separately. Once with low contrast the other with higher contrast and more saturation.

Nikon d850, 24 – 70 f16 at 25 seconds, .9 soft Lee Gard ND


Lofoten this Feb

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Iceland this January

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