Inside the Art – ‘Engulfed’ Montenegro – Fine Art Photography

Sometimes there’s just magic in the air. And by magic I mean mist. Mist, mist, glorious mist. There’s something wonderful about being at a lakes edge on a still morning when the magic has formed overnight. It simplifies the landscape, but at the same time creates subtle and wonderful shapes as the early morning sunrise light breaks.  Perfect conditions for making fine art images with some genuine mystique.


‘Engulfed’ was shot in Montenegro on an autumnal morning in October 2013. When the reflections sit down and the mist has formed it presents a great opportunity to shoot creative fine art landscape photographs. I’m looking for symmetry and colour. The ultimate goal is for this symmetry and colour to translate into a fine art piece that conveys an emotion within your home.

On this particular morning we had set out before sunrise at around 6am. We we’re heading for the ‘Crno Jezero’, a beautiful glacial lake at the foot of a stunning mountain range in Durmitor National Park. When we arrived we were not disappointed. The lake was like glass and the mist..oh the mist..

I essentially ignored the sweeping view with towering peaks and concentrated on creating fine art images in the shadows. Using a large zoom lens I was trying to find a shape. I just loved how the yellow tree popped through the centre and the symmetrical reflection that loops top right and reflects below bound the image together. Symmetry, colour emotion. A great combination in my book.  One of my favourite fine art landscapes of 2013..

This fine art image can be finished in a range of sizes from 12 x 8 inches to 44 x 60 inches. We can use traditional framing, diabond or acrylic.

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