Favourite Images through the Spring ..

Different times of the year, different locations, different possibilities. We plan to get seriously busy with new workshops in Spring 2020 so we thought it would make sense to make a blog that showcased some of our favourite images, from our favourite Spring locations. We’re calling it the mist and mood chasing season, with the possibility of calm misty mornings, and also dramatic light as April and May showers pass through. All in all, a visual feast and some amazing adventures to be had.

ISLE OF SKYE, SCOTLAND : 20 – 24 Apr 2020 : Daragh Muldowney : 1 Place Available

Right so Scotland, bring the mood. The Isle of Skye is where the drama of landscape photography can really unfold. Changeable weather and the chance of some really dramatic light.

Rain turned to light on a magical Isle of Ske sunset. Elgol
Castle in the Skye anyone? Well its not quite on Skye but an epic nearby location all the same.
The god rays on a pre historic view in North Skye ..
We waited for an hour for the clouds to lift and the rain to stop. So worth the wait ..
After a 45 minute hike to Old Man of Storr we were treated to some magical light. So worth the walk to this iconic location.

TUSCANY, ITALY : 20 – 24 Apr 2020  : Peter Gordon & Dino Marsango : 1 Place Available

Tuscany is not just a photography experience. Surrounded by culture, amazing cuisine, great wine and a stunning hotel base, there’s a touch of luxury to our photography workshop in Tuscany. That’s not to say the photography opportunities diminish. Perfect cypress trees, stunning architecture, rolling hills and the elusive mist combine perfectly.

When the mist roles in Tuscany style and everything feels simple .. Nikon d850, 24 – 70
An iconic view Tuscan style. We we’re treated to some perfect skies and blossoming colour.
After some great side lighting, this big cloud rolled into just the right position for sunset. It’s great when a plan comes together. 24mm Nikon TS, d850
Did anyone say single tree ? Tuscany always delivers on this front just bring your long lens. Nikon d850, 200 – 500

SLOVENIA : 27 Apr – 2 May 2020 : Peter Gordon & Jelena Derk 3 Places Available

Slovenia has been off the agenda for ExploreLight for a few years but we are delighted to be heading back in 2020. It’s a small but stunningly beautiful country with an incredible variety of locations. Rivers, forests, hilltop churches, traditional structures, the iconic Lake Bled plus the towering Slovenian Alps. Go minimal, go epic Slovenia has it all.

Pre dawn hilltop church illuminated. Only in Slovenia ..
When the mist chasing comes together. Incredible scenes close to our guesthouse in Bled.
A quick dip over the border to Italy. Impossibly beautiful and a really perfect dawn.
Lake Bled sunrise .. Possibly one of the most photogenic locations on earth. Oh and theres that mist again ..

WEST OF IRELAND : 27 Apr – 3 May 2020 : Daragh Muldowney

Lakes, mountains, dramatic seascapes and a good helping of Irish culture. And by Irish culture we mean you are fully permitted to have a Guinness with your lunch. It’s our backyard and we know these locations better than anyone else in the world. Let us guide through our home turf ..

It just has to be Ireland. Deep in the Black Valley, Co Kerry.
Perfect stillness on the lakes of Killarney. May brings the possibility of real calm in the mornings at some of these locations.
Gentle pastels at sunset on the Dingle peninsula.
Distant Blaskets and iconic Kerry coastline.

CONNEMARA, IRELAND : 5 – 11 May 2020 : Daragh Muldowney

BRAND NEW Irish adventure. We are delighted to bring a whole new set of stunning locations to our Ireland photography workshop programme. Connemara and Co Clare tick so many boxes on the Irish scenery front. 12 Bens mountain range, south Mayo and the Delphi valley, plus the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher.

And then it came from the heavens. 12 Bens Connemara ..
A beautiful pastel sunset in Connemera. Always amazed by the beauty of the sea colour out west..
Mist and that perfect reflection in the most iconic of Connemara locations.
Breaking Light in the Delphi Valley ..

CROATIA : 6 – 10 May 2020 : Peter Gordon & Jelena Derk

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Why not? Croatia’s Plitvice and Krka National Parks have some of the most stunning waterfalls in the world. Peter speaks some of the local language and Jelena is on hand to get us to places other tours just don’t go. Waterfalls, monetaries and stunning forestry abound. Brand new for 2020.

Epic falls, stunning colour and a unique viewpoint scouted by Peter.
When the light goes wild at Plitvice there really is some unique opportunities to do amazingly interesting things with these falls.
Secret Monastery. This unique viewpoint of Krka National Park has seen little or no tripod legs.
Emerald perfection at Plitvice.

MONTENEGRO : 13 – 19 May 2020 : Peter Gordon, Daragh Muldowney & Jelena Derk

Undiscovered perfection. Montenegro is a low volume high quality destination. We have been running tours in the area for many years and have a better knowledge of these locations from a photography perspective than any other tour operator in the world. We also plan a further mission to discover some brand new Bay of Kotor locations for this trip.  Lakes, mountains, stunning architecture. Yes please.. Oh and its misty. Real misty .

Perfection at the Black Lake ..
Misty mornings and graphic structures.
Beaten up shacks ..
Great reflections ..
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