Closer Look – ‘Gator’ Connemara – Fine Art Photography

All good things come to those that wait. Don’t go home just because it’s dark. Let there be light even if you can’t see it.

12 bens-connemara-4

It’s amazing what post-sunset light does to fine art imagery. This particular image was made 30 minutes after sunset when it was practically dark with an exposure time of 4 minutes. The light was cool and crisp and the long exposure gives the incoming clouds a beautiful streak.

We had been shooting Connemara for a few days and throughout we were blessed with the most consistently great conditions I have ever experienced in Ireland. Getting the most from fine art landscape photography doesn’t just mean turning up. Often it means turning up again and again to get the right light, the best reflection, the perfect clouds.

On this particular evening I was off the beaten track having walked through some bog to get a lake foreground and the Twelve Bens mountain range behind. The lake was so still that even with a 4 minute exposure the reflection stayed true and I was able to make this fine art image. The rock on the left of the image looked like a little crocodile or alligator peeping through the lake hence the title.

The walk back through the bog in the dark wasn’t too much fun but well worth the effort I think.

This fine art image can be finished in a range of sizes from 12 x 8 inches to 44 x 60 inches. We can use traditional framing, diabond or acrylic.

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