2022 In Review – Part 2 – NEW Images

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2022 In Review – Part 2 – NEW Images

Thanks so much for stopping by the second installment of our photographic adventures in 2022. If you missed part 1 you can see it here. After a stuttering start to 2022 the Autumn and early Winter were restriction-free and we really felt we were back in business, Thanks again to our amazing participants. AKA the little lambs. So let’s just get into it ..

First up the Muldowney fella hit long exposure and minimal heaven. Brittany .. 

30 sec, f11, 100 ISO
From my collection of Carrelets in Brittany. This one was shot at sunset. stunning pastel colours.


120 sec, f11, 50 ISO
A sculpture by Huang Yong Ping at the mouth of the Loire Estuary in Brittany. High tide and overcast conditions were what I was looking for and perfect conditions served up for this incredible sculpture.


September couldn’t be all Daragh as Peter got in on the action in the Faroes. Less of the long exposure and more rapidly changing stunning light. 

Just explosive lighting. Nout else to add ..


Rain sun, rain sun but when the light comes through it can be majestic. Typical weather for shooting on the Faroes. Conditions can be tough, it always changes quickly, but the light can be astounding.
f11 1/8 3 shots blended.

Naturally, Thor wanted in on that action .. 


Things really ramped up in October and the whole team was out and at it. Mr. Michael Mclaughlin took a trip to Kerry where his artistic style always shines. 


The Italian connection is always on point and nothing changed for Don Dino this Autumn. A fantastic trip to the Dolomites and a scouting mission to Tuscany in November. Watch this space .. 

Dolomites Baita Segantini – taken in October during a moody sunset


Tuscany – Crete Senesi and Val D’orcia. Taken in November, the fields are completely brown, it is like watching huge wonderful pieces of velvet


Tuscany – Crete Senesi and Val D’orcia. Taken in November


Tuscany – Crete Senesi and Val D’orcia. Taken in November



There’s no place quite like home and Ireland always produces the goods for great landscape photography. Peter had a wee jaunt out West to Mayo, Connemara, and Clare. So much editing still to do here. There are even a few 2021 images in this series. It’s that bloody Chardonney over the summer. Hard to get things done ..

This epically beautiful stack off the coast of Co Mayo is one of Ireland’s top photo locations. We were treated to some great swell at sunset too which certainly helped with the foreground. Kase 3 stop and poloriser to get a 4-second exposure.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life. A wee tree on a wee river in Connemara. f10 20 secs Kase 10 stop and poloriser.


Sunning clean sand on Fanore beach in Co Clare, Ireland. perfect for simplicity. f14 30 secs kase 6 stop

Surprisingly calm and gentle on Achill Island out west of Ireland way. Long exposure to suit the gentle muted light.
F11 25 secs 10 stop ND

At the end of the world. Well, maybe not quite but Co Clare on Ireland’s west coast does have an amazing drama to it. Long exposure here for good measure.
f9 249 secs 10 stop


Montenegro and Scotland for Daragh. Snapps and Whiskey may have been consumed but as always the photography was mighty ..  

Reflecting on Montenegro times ..


When the sky goes off in Scotland there’s just no stopping it. Epic light here on the Isle of Skye.
f11 1.6 secs 15 mm Kase Poloriser and .6 medium grad


Glencoe in Scotland is in full bloom. It’s not just the trees that turn golden. The grasses of the bog can be electric too.
f11 1 sec


Next up Slovenia for Peter. So far behind with the edits that we pulled a few from 2021 here too. It’s been great editing over Christmas and early Jan finding some real trinkets. 

Nothing quite says Slovenia like a hilltop church in the mist. Magical morning and a magical experience.

That old chestnut? What? It’s a classic ..


In the clouds in the Julian Alps Slovenia. It’s a 14mm shot but I held my tripod at full stretch above my head to keep the trees straight.

Not the kind of light I would normally shoot water scenes in but there was something magical as the leaves dripped, the clouds opened and the sun poured through.

Last but certainly not least for 2022 Iceland by helicopter and plane. This was our most ambitious trip to date and things didn’t initially go to plan. Record levels of rain and unusually warm weather for late November were playing havoc with our plans. Despite some tricky situations we managed to get airbourne and had an amazing experience at the ice caves .. 

A wee rainbow out our 6 seater plane window on Iceland’s south coast. The landscape really does look different from above.

A shock of blue. ice caves Iceland style ..

That old chestnut, It was strange not to see these covered in snow in late November. Such an iconic location but with good reason. It never lets you down.
f11 1.3 secs 14 mm Ksde 3 stop and .9 soft GND

The epic beauty of Icelandic river beds photographed from the air. What an experience.

The amazing beauty of the ice caves in Iceland is indescribable. And what an adventure being dropped up here for an all-day shoot by helicopter.

Thanks so much to all the amazing people that traveled with us in 2022 and hopefully see you all for sunrise in 2023 ..

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