White Balance – The Foundation of Good Colour

We are on the cusp of releasing Peter’s brand new editing course, Simple Tools Powerful Outcomes. Below is 1 of 27 chapters that gives you a sneak preview into what’s to come. Below also a full list of chapters. We hope you enjoy and if you want more info about the course or to avail of the presale click on the links below.








Part 1 Philosophy and Creativity

1. Intro
2. Patience and Pacing
3. Global Vs Local
4. Directionality – Planning and Vision
5. Lighting and Editing Styles – Planning and Vision
6. Workflow and Structure. A Framework for Creativity.

Part 2 Technical Skills 

1. Basic Panel. Tools and Application in My Workflow
2. White Balance – Principles
3. White Balance – The Foundation of Great Colour
4. White Balance – Creative Techniques
5. Chromatic Aberration, Profile Correction, Vingette
6. HSL Slider
7. Brush Intro
8. Gradient Intro
9. Radial Filter Intro
10. Range Masking Intro
11. Targeted Adjustments to Control Highlights Part 1
12. Targeted Adjustments to Control Highlights Part 2
13. Targeted Adjustments to Control Shadows
14. Colour Specific Adjustment and Range Masks
15. Atmosphere, Mood and Depth Part 1
16. Atmosphere, Mood and Depth Part 2
17. HDR and Blending

BONUS Videos

1. Blending in Photoshop Proper
2. Remove Distractions in Photoshop. Clone, Healing Brush and Content-Aware.
3. Actions and Web Sharpening.

Part 3 Edit With Me Start to Finish – RAW Files Provided

1. Show Me Everything
2. Make me Dark, Make me Moody
3. High Key and Minimal
4. Black and White

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