West Of Ireland Photography Trip – Day 1

So we’re in Killarney at the moment putting our landscape photography skills to good use in beautiful surroundings. We’re on a ten day trip so expect lots of landscape photography over the coming days. Ill be updating the blog each afternoon. For now here’s what we’ve shot so far. Its been really still which makes for great reflections in the lakes. The light hasn’t poured through yet but the stillness has made some great opportunities for landscape photography. We also had a go at this often photographed but very beautiful old cottage near the Gap of Dunloe. Heading for sunset now around Killarney lakes. Check back tomorrow to see what we’ve been up to..Peter

If you want to join us on a trip down west we have workshops coming up plus extended tours for 6 and 10 days in 2014. Click here and check out our photography workshops and tours page for more info.





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