Welcome to Our New Website

Its been a while coming but we’re delighted to have a new online home to share our photography with you. Big thanks to Ronan and Peter over at me&him&you for doing a great job on the design and build of the new site.

There’s been some changes that we hope will present our photography in a better light and most importantly create a better user experience for you guys.

First and foremost we have changed the imagery within the site, and how we display it online. We felt that there was too many photographs on the old site and our processes for image making became so focused on a project based approach it just made sense to organize ourselves online in this manner. We have four existing projects online at the moment and new images will be added to these as they arise. Completed projects will of course remain the same. Never fear though we will be using our blog much more regularly than before and we will be sharing lots of images that haven’t quite made the projects area plus lots of new photography as its made. Check out the next blog post for more info.


Our new site is built in HTML which I am happy to report is a language Google understands. This and some great bspoking by meandhimandyou means the site will now function like a real human being on iphone, ipad etc. pheeew.. As tablet sales seemed to skyrocket this Christmas so did my apprehension about our old site and our clients experience.

Our info page now incorporates some news clippings plus radio and TV interviews so you can learn a little but more about us. If you missed any of our media coverage just pop over to the info page to have a look, read and listen.

Our photography workshops and tours page has also had an over haul so pop by and check out the new design and the new range of workshops and courses coming up in 2013. You can now also pre order our upcoming Burning Man book as well as purchasing Wild Garden directly from the site. Just visit our books page for more info.

All in all were delighted with the new site. We hope you enjoy it too.

Browse the galleries..like and share the images..and hopefully enjoy the photography..

Peter and Ed

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