Trip Report : Iceland North & West : NEW images

We are still trying to catch up with winter workshops edits here in the ExploreLight HQ. After the Dolomites, Lake Baikal and the Lofoten trip, not to forget Iceland South we finally got to Iceland North & West. Slightly embarrassed to admit Peter hadn’t quite managed the 2019 edit either so loads of new images to check out below from these amazing regions of Iceland.

This year’s trip to Iceland North/West was quite challenging in terms of weather but it made for some stunning photography. We figure that’s just the Icelandic way. They love an auld storm..

We hope you enjoy folks and please feel free to share this link far and wide … Thanks .. The ExploreLight Team

Special thanks as always for the continued support and their amazing filters system..

Perched on a wee mountain pass on the Snaefellsness Peninsula this mountain refuge provides some great photographic opportunity. Thankfully no need to seek shelter. The backlighting and fresh snow were the perfect foil conditions wise. Handheld for a change as the parking was somewhat dodgy and we needed to act quickly. Nikon d 850 24 – 70

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That amazing little mountain refuge on Snaefellsness. The light was blowing through the snow and a wee sundog popped up for good measure. Split toned for effect. Nikon d850 24 – 70
The proud icon from the stunning Snaefellsness peninsula after a fresh fall of snow overnight. A slightly different angle on the icon is always fun and the light was subtle magic. .9 Soft Lee Filter 3 Top Lee ND, Nikon d850 14 – 24
A road appears through the smokey sulphur at Myvatn. People engulfed in the out worldly surroundings.

Fresh snow and the stunning power of Godafoss. What a combo. No blazing light but the soft morning suited this epic waterfall all the same. What a spot. Lee 3 Stop ND , D850 14 – 24
After the power of Storm Denis beats Iceland around a little there was some fantastic swell. Playing with shutter speeds here to make a blur of things but hopefully still communicate the power of the ocean. Snaefellsness Peninsula. Lee 3 Stop ND no Grad. D850 24 – 70
Storm Denis pounds the shores of Iceland. A great shoot by the beach at our Hotel. Black and white with some blue toning for good measure.
A lone seagull tries to avoid the swell and power of storm Dennis. Snaelfellsness Iceland. Nikon d850 70 – 200
Elephant or Dragon rock on the north coast of Iceland. Definealty a lesser-visited iconic location Iceland wise there’s stunning drama to be had here. Black beach, great foreground and a dramatic stack to match. We were treated to some warm and glorious light as it happened too. Not too shabby. Lee 3 Stop ND and my trust .6 medium Lee Grad. Nikon d850 and 14 – 24

Fighting the elements. Icelandic pony .. I mean horse. ..
Icelandic horses group together for shelter as the snow billows down. Always wanted to shoot these little guys in a white out. Nikon d850 24 – 70
After Storm Denis had battered Iceland the day before the remnants of the swell provided some great opportunity for some dramatic cliff imagery on the Snaefellsness Peninsula. We were actually able to use our tripods. No chance the day before with the 100mph winds. 3 Stp ND .6 medium Grad Lee Filters
And finally, she sung. Having traveled the length of Iceland we managed to get an amazing display on departure night. 100% record maintained and another amazing Icelandic experience. Nikon d850 14 – 24
En route back from some stunning northern lights over the famous dragon on Iceland’s north coast we came across some frozen ice and a great foreground. It’s hard to get bored with those amazing lights. Nikon d850 14 – 24
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