Thorarinn Jonsson

Thorarinn Jonsson, Thor Photography our man Mr. Toti is a native Icelander, a professional guide, and a photographer based in the town of Akranes, close to the capital city of Reykjavik. The mighty Thor has been guiding and co-running ExploreLight workshops since 2016. Thor has become a great friend to the whole ExploreLight family and our association has stretched way beyond Iceland to Norway, the Faroes and the mighty Dolomites.  He immediately blended in with the Irish rancor and humour and we haven’t looked back since.

Thor has a most varied, wide-ranging, and stunning collection of Icelandic images and beyond. We believe he is Iceland’s best and hopefully judging on the images that follow you will also agree. His style is a mix of epic and powerful and it’s so obvious to see the raw drama of the Icelandic landscape courses through his veins. A great fun guy to be around and an amazing guide that gets you where you need to be every time.

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