The Process of Lockdown #1 : NEW IMAGES

There’s so much we miss within the archives and the current lockdown has given all us photographers an opportunity to trawl through the archives and pick out some gems. I’ve always felt like there were lots of images that I missed so let’s just see if my archives can outlive the lockdown.  Try it yourself you might be surprised what you find. 

For week 1 I’ve gone with 3 images that I would describe as ‘dark and moody’. I’m mostly looking to marry up my editing style with the light I’ve captured. There are so many styles we can shoot and process. I find myself mostly at either extreme. Super high key and minimal or else quite dark  and still quite minimal.  As I began the process of editing these new images for the blog I thought I would take that thought a step further and try to marry the selection of images, light, and processing wise, within the blog.

Captured 29/09/2018 Processed 22/05/20. The Skelligs are always a sight to behold especially at this elevated vantage point above St Finian’s Bay. The day was just a wee bit moody. I’ve taken further liberties with white balance in post. Simple but effective means to bring drama to an image.
Captured 1/09/19 Processed 23/05/20 Standing on an abandoned WW2 German bunker on the west coast of France the Petit Manor Lighthouse is more than impressive. We were treated to some stunning light to compliment this epic location. The French press was also in play. High-quality coffee the perfect finish for a great shoot.
Captured 28/03/2018 Processed 22/05/20 Living close to Dublin Bay makes running down to the sea when the light goes crazy super easy. One such night as the rain lifted. processed to really direct the eye into the anchor points within the image centre.

2 Irish images and one from western France for good measure.

I hope you enjoyed these new (OLD) images. If you want to learn more about how I process my pictures check out the link below. Take care and be safe .. Peter



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