Thank God the Summer is Over.

I’m sick of those clear skies and sunny days. Endless heat and lazy days at the beach, eating ice cream, swimming, bright evenings sitting outside in short sleeves. There’s only so much bbq and beer a person can endure.

My wife once told me I was the only man in Ireland who hoped for crap weather. Raining one minute, sunny the next. Clouds in the sky, drama, big swells, big tides and unusual combinations of all of the above! Yes, Please!

It’s true, I admit it, I like crap weather. All that high pressure is just no use. It’s boring and doesn’t provide enough, well, drama, to really transform a location into something spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, I like calm too, but I need clouds or mist or something.

Isle of Skye
Eilean Donan Castle Scotland
Drama in Italy
Breaking Light Ireland

And don’t get me started on the 5am sunrises. I don’t care what you say, or how easy you find it to get up in the morning, 8.30 sunrises are just more fun. Plus the light is so much better, and it lasts for so much longer. Lets not forget the temperature swing and the promise of autumn mist. Did somebody mention breakfast? The most satisfying meal of the year is always a great breakfast after a stunning autumn or winter shoot.

Misty Dolomites
Misty Glendalough
Stillness Killarney
Above the Clouds Dolomites

So autumn, I’m here and I’m ready. I can let the summer pass excited about what’s to follow. We had some amazingly settled weather in Ireland this summer, one for the ages. Ok, ok, I did think it was glorious too, but certainly not on the photography front, I barley used my camera.

I’m ready to wrap up now and have my outdoor gear at the ready, to feel the wind in my face, to see some Autumn mist and spectacular colours, and hopefully to witness some truly spectacular light. The journey starts for me today when I fly out to the Faroes for 10 days, then back to run the IrishLight workshops and exhibition, followed by the Big Day, 2 back to back workshops in the Dolomites before seeing the year through with the exhibition and book launch of Dublin Salt. Did I mention the Craft Fair in the RDS? Take a breath in mid December and get ready for an even fuller schedule through winter and into Spring 2019.

It’s busy busy, but I guess that’s the way I like. So landscape photographers don’t stress about the summer being over. We have the advantage of enjoying the full year through. Pack away your bbq’s and take out your cameras. Beer is optional year round so no worries there. The mood is coming, the trees will be turning soon, and the sunrises are more than reasonable. So go shoot, soak up the amazing light and enjoy that breakfast!

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