Storm Ellen Dublin

Storm Ellen hit Ireland last week. The south coast caught the worst of the storm but there were also some high winds in Dublin. Certainly, nothing to write home about but with the right location vis a vis win direction and exposure, combined with the high tide, there was still some drama to photograph. I find it immensely satisfying to stand in the wind with the waves crashing all around. Just the raw energy of nature. It feels so good to slip into a totally different zone and I love how photography and nature facilitate that process for me. It’s needed at the moment ..

I enjoyed the experience so much and I’m hungry for more.


Storm Ellen pounds the Half moon Swimming club. Amazing to feel the energy of the storm and sea the gulls flying overhead above the madness below.
Storm Ellen saying a big hello to the Half Moon Swimming Club south wall Dublin. Amazing to see the cargo ship make its way in behind. No problem with the storm. The energy of the sea was only mighty ..

A wee bit of video footage for good measure ..

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