We Still Love Slide Film..

Neither myself nor Dad really shoot slide film anymore but we both still love it. It’s a little bit like enjoying the distinct sound of vinyl. Yes, it has is deficiencies. It’s become inconvenient, over priced and difficult to master. But I have to say it still looks great. It has a look of its own, a type of saturation and colour range that just looks different to digital. Its high contrast and it works great in the shade. I’m planning to make a return someday and actually have a specific project in mind that Id love to photograph on large format film. For now though I thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite images that have been captured on slide film..Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment..

long exposure connemara sunset photograph connemara012Earths AxisEG copy_ yellowstone national park landscape photography glendalough sunrise photographox bow bend landscape photography

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