Photography Workshop and Tour Location Showcase #1Connemara

Connemara Sprinkle

Welcome to the first in our new series where we will show you some of the images we have created while running our various photography workshops and photo tours. Todays images are drawn from Connemara where we run a landscape masterclass and also a leg of our extended West of Ireland Photography Tour. This first image takes in a portion of the 12 Bens mountain range and was captured on one of those classic Irish days of changeable weather. I watched the light stream across the landscape and shot a number of frames until the balance of light was perfect. I love how the splash of sunlight lights up the foreground. Shot with my d800e and my 70 – 200. Never leave home without it.


The next was also captured during a photography workshop but is very different in style and content. After hours when the sun goes down let there be light. Post sunset light in north west Connemara. Some simple lines and a long exposure with the post sunset blue. Sometimes I use ND filters to slow down exposure throughout the day but when the sun has already faded your exposures will naturally become much slower allowing for the above effect with interesting streaky clouds. This is an older shot captured on my d3x with my 17 – 35 a few years back (before streaky clouds we’re all the rage :).

If you fancy visiting locations like this with us why not join us on our Connemara Masterclass or else our extended West of Ireland Photography Tour.

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