NEW Online Course : Effective Planning in the Landscape, Developing the Light

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NEW Online Course : Effective Planning in the Landscape, Developing the Light

A weather and post-processing course for Landscape Photographers – Coming April 22nd

It’s big news this week at ExploreLight HQ with a brand new downloadable course coming online. Peter has been working away full throttle for the past 2 months to share the key ingredients of his philosophy around planning your landscape shoots.

Apps, weather, clouds, predicting colour, tides, what light, what technique, backlight, sidelight and more.

A hugely detailed examination of the factors to consider when planning your landscape shoots plus what techniques you should employ to deal with what conditions. Improve your strike rate, and understand light and weather in a much more meaningful way.

Once you have absorbed all this planning and technique info, it’s into the digital darkroom for 15 unique chapters on post-processing.

Peter has linked the weather and conditions to a specific range of ideas around post-processing and image development. This section will teach you technique and specific skills, but the goal is to go beyond the technical and stimulate a range of image development ideas specifically around the weather and conditions.

Free Talk with Lee Filters and Conns Cameras on Planning in the Landscape ..

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Peter’s new course why not join a free talk on April 22nd, 12.30 pm UTC +1 (DUBLIN TIME). The talk is in association with Lee Filters and Conns Cameras, both wonderful supporters of ExploreLight over many years, and 2 amazing companies within the photographic community in Ireland and internationally.

The event is free and LIVE on Facebook! Why not join at the link below? APRIL 22, 2021 AT 12:30 PM UTC+01 – 1:30 PM UTC+01

Free Weather and Planning Talk with Peter Gordon : 22 April 2021

Join the Event - In Association with Lee Filters and Conns Cameras

This course is the first of its kind, and with more freedoms on the horizon, it’s the perfect foil for summer adventures in the landscape.  

Mont Saint Michel by Peter Gordon

Faroes by Peter Gordon

Dolomites by Peter Gordon

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