New Images Dublin Bay

I recently spent an amazing morning out in Dublin Bay where the reflections sat down, the mist was magical and the tide was just right. Great to be outside shooting and just a wonderful feeling to get such special conditions. Below some images from a really enjoyable morning in the Dublin Salt.


My local Booterstown on a full tide. 1 hour and 20 minutes before sunrise the mix of warm and cool light was a sight to behold.
The mist rolled in at dawn creating an amazing simplicity in Dublin Bay. My favourite conditions at this iconic location.
The wet sand of a rceeding tide and that perfect mirror of Dublin Bay on a super clam morning.
Mirror like Dublin Bay on a misty morning.
Misty and still on Booterstown Beach.
Little Egret
Poolbeg in the distance as the mist rises and the morning light warms my bones. Lee .6 medium
The tide moves so fast in Dublin bay. By the time I had completed this 2-minute exposure the ripples front right appeared. I actually liked them in the end. Lee 10 Stop and .6 medium grad
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