‘Life and Death – The Temple’ – Award Winning Photography from Burning Man

The Story..and our Kickstarter Campaign..

If your a regular visitor to our blog or facebook page you’ll undoubtedly know a little bit about the imagery Peter captured at the Temple during the Burning Man festival. You’ll know that a selection of the work has won Peter European and Irish Professional Photographer of the Year with the FEP and IPPA respectively. There’s been a limited image release thus far related to the awards but we’re now ready to share more information and more pictures. We’ve launched our Kickstarter Campaign and we’re hoping if you like the work you’ll get involved either by backing the project or sharing it wherever possible.

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The entire collection will be released fully in late September and spans over 70 images. The work was made over the course of a week in late summer 2011 at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Located in the starkly beautiful setting of the Black Rock Desert, the festival attracts some of the most interesting and extraordinary people, art and activities you are ever likely to find in one place. Burning Man transcends traditional interpretations of what a festival is. It has its own identity, its own peculiar and astounding nuances. It represents more than just a week in the desert:  It represents a way of life. A central feature of the festival is the building and burning of a temple. The Temple in many ways is the spiritual hub of the festival. People visit and write messages for departed loved one’s on its walls and meditate in its centre. They grieve. They marry. They party. The festivals climax see’s the Temple being burnt and with it the grief that people have shared within its walls. These Burning Man photos are a document of a week at the Temple which seek to share the narrative behind its construct, its being and its ultimate destruction.

Check out some of Peter’s favourites below..









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