Lee/Conns with Peter Gordon Video Live Now : Plan Your Shoots

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Lee/Conns with Peter Gordon Video Live Now : Plan Your Shoots

Did you miss Peter’s talk for Lee Filters and Conns Camera’s last week? Would you like to watch it again? Thanks so much to everyone that tuned in. The video is now available below plus Peter has launched his brand new course on planning and processing. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better 🙂 The good people at Conns and Lee also sent us through some great offers they have on the Conns website. Check them out below as well .. Its time to get out shooting again ..

If you liked our free talk with Conn’s/Lee loads more to learn below ..

Apps, weather, clouds, predicting colour, tides, what light, what technique, backlight, sidelight and more.

A hugely detailed examination of the factors to consider when planning your landscape shoots plus what techniques you should employ to deal with what conditions.

Plus 15 start to finish edits in post-processing. Learn how to predict the light and also how to develop it into a perfect final expression of your creativity. 

Effective Planning in the Landscape

Developing the Light

Great discounts on lots of amazing Lee gear at Conn’s ..

Conn’s and Lee are offering some really great discounts at the moment. Big Stoppers, Little Stoppers, Polarisers and more. 15% in lots of cases. A good time to buy filters and get moving again ..

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