Lanzarote/Fuerteventura – NEW Images

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Lanzarote/Fuerteventura – NEW Images

Can you feel the heat on your back? It’s unusual for ExploreLight workshops gear list to suggest shorts, tee shirts, and sandals but we do just that for our adventures to the Canary Islands. Peter will be leading another trip out there in March so if you fancy a last-minute jaunt to catch some winter sun and get your landscape photography fix CLICK HERE for more info.

The Canary Islands are perhaps better known for that sun holiday vibe rather than special landscapes but that’s so far from the truth. Yes, there are huge resorts and busy tourist destinations but there is also amazing solitude and stunning lunar landscapes to enjoy and photograph. I’ve just returned from some epic adventure in Iceland and Norway already this year so the warm weather and change of pace with the landscape the Canaries offers is surely something to look forward to. My drive to catch up on editing continues. Here’s a few I edited this week plus check out the final gallery of previous images from the scouting mission. Hopefully, you enj0y and maybe we will even see you there for sunrise!

Best wishes .. Peter

The Cliffs of Lanzarote 

The cliffs in Lanzarote have some truly epic views over an out worldly desert landscape. A mixture of clouds and showers resulted in some seriously stunning light. Single exposure with my .6 medium grad Lee filter. Lots of dodging and burning to create the right shape.
f6.3 at 1/1000 quick hand help grab

Deatils from the Cliffs Lanzarote 

The view of the ocean from the cliffs of Lanzarote is spellbinding. Big swell, volcanic beaches paired with azure water. Great to get the big lens out and pick out some details.

Nikon d850, 200 – 500, lee filters 10 stop, f10 at 120 seconds

Wet Feet – Feels good when the water is warm .. 

The beaches in Lanzarote just go on for miles and miles. Just an epic coastline surrounded by dramatic desert mountains. Not a bad wee spot for a long exposure.

Nikon d850 14 – 24, f11 at 2 minutes. Lee Filters 6 Stop



Up close and personal with this dune. It’s actually only about 20 feet high but I’ve got really close with my 14 mm lens to make it feel vaster. Unless you’re getting deep out into some remote deserts there will always be some prints around. This is a great technique to get lovely clean desert images.

Gone a bit wild with the processing here to bring out the black and white drama.

nikon d850 14 – 24, f11 at 4 seconds. lee .9 soft grad


The Open Beach 

Ah those pastel sunsets. There’s lots of open space if you get the tides right in the Canaries for a gentle wee bit of colour at sunset. Just open up wide and let the shutter run.

nikon d850 14 – 25 f16 at 70 seconds. Lee 6 stop IRND

Mystic Swell 

The power of the ocean Lanzarote style. The island is prone to huge swell and when you get the backlighting right it can be quite spectacular.

Nikon d850, 200 – 500, iso 320 f 6.3 at 1/3200


Nothing like an abandoned ship and some water to bring the long exposure. Great diversity in the Lanzarote locations.

Nikon d850 24 – 70, f11 and 160seconds lee filters 6 stop and grad ND


Patches of light illuminate the dunes in Fuerteventura at sunset. Lots of dodging and burning to create trigger points that direct you through the image.

Nikon d850, 14 – 24, . 6 medium grad ND LEE Filters

A passing shower in Lanzarote shows the true drama of the landscape. The light was so changeable. Pure magic.

Nikon d850, 70 – 200, f7.1 at 1/160


Walking out into the desert is quite an exceptional experience especially when it’s so accessible on the Canary islands. The curves really become illuminated by the side lighting at sunset and sunrise. The light did not last long but man did it pop the sand.

Warm and cool transition processing used to emphasise the shapes.

Nikon d850, 14 – 24, F9 and focus stacked. .6 medium lee grad filter

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