Landscape Photography Workshop Connemara, Ireland

Myself and Dad are heading down to Connemara to run our west of Ireland landscape photography workshop tomorrow. Three days in confined quarters with the auld man does sound a little stressful. The abuse and the snoring might get a bit much. Concern has been duly noted. Seriously though, Im dying to get down and see those 12 Bens. Its been a while since we’ve shot in Connemara so its going to be a real pleasure to be making landscape photographs in the area again. Three sunrises and three sunsets to look forward to as well as a nice spread of daytime shooting. A landscape photographers paradise.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page and our photography blog for regular updates..Ill try and post at least once a day..Peter

12 bens-connemara-4

12 Bens Connemara by Peter Gordon

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