Inside the Art – An Irish Man’s Diary – Dingle Peninsula

Ireland isn’t exactly famous for its warm inviting tropical waters. However the depth of colour in our oceans in parts of the west provide great material for photographic Irish art. The Dingle peninsula is one such western location. Before the image below was photographed we had spent nearly a week with my Dad and my newly born daughter Mia plus my wife on holiday in Ballyferriter. The plan was a combination family holiday with the possibility of making some new Irish art thrown in. Myself and Dad had turned up at various locations around the Dingle Peninsula over the week looking for interesting views to photograph and of course hoping the light would come. The family part of the holiday was going great but the light simply hadn’t cooperated and it was looking like I was going to leave one of the most beautiful locations for landscape photography in Ireland empty handed. Alas on our last night there was some beautiful subtle light that made the trip photographically.

sunset photography dingle peninsula

Bed of Waves by Peter Gordon – Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

The pastel colours at sunset were really intense and it reacted perfectly with the film I was using (velvia 50). The most beautiful part of the scene to me was the gentle patterns in the waves and the amazing colour at sunset. I’m also a big fan of minimalist landscape photography so I just filled the frame with waves and colour and let the velvia do the rest. I love simplicity and I really feel that a minimal presentation of the landscape is often a much more artistic way to see nature rather than a very obvious big view. This image was captured over 4 years ago and is still one of my favourites from the Atlantic Fringe collection..

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