Inside the Art – An Irish Man’s Diary – Connemara Blue Hour

We’ve been away from our blog for a while but its time to get back to talking some landscape photography and Irish art. Kickstarter was just an overload on all things Internet and we needed a bit of a break from updates. I’m happy to report I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Landscape photography can sometimes take place in very little light. Modern digital cameras have amazing functionality in terms of seeing light that our eye cant detect and this can pave the way to creating beautiful Irish art. This particular image was made on a very still night in Connemara a couple of years back. It was basically dark but the reflections were perfect and striking. I set my camera on my tripod making sure to separate and balance all elements within the image. Using bulb and my Giga T Pro shutter release I made an exposure at f8 for 4 1/2 minutes on my Nikon d3x. The slow exposures picked up the movement of the clouds beautifully and the deep blues of post dusk light create a striking blue colour palette.

The walk back to the car in darkness through the bog was a bit tricky. I actually lost the battery to my Dad’s camera en route which he let me know all about. I think it was worth the earache though…

12 bens-connemara-4

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