Introducing .. Well .. Daragh Muldowney


So it seems a little odd to introduce Daragh Muldowney here, because Daragh has been leading ExploreLight workshops for the past five years. Nevertheless, it recently occurred to us that you might not be aware of some of the extraordinary work Daragh does both inside and outside the ExploreLight family.

And whom better than the man himself to fill you in and tell you all about his many adventures. Peppered with some of our all-time favourite images from Daragh, feast your eyes on the amazing imagery bellow.

Below is a list of Daragh’s workshop. And an extensive interview below with on our top guides


Brittany – 29 Aug – 3 Sep 2019 – Fully Booked (with Peter Gordon)
Dolomites – 8 – 13 Aug 2019 – Fully Booked (with Thorarinn Jonsson)
Montenegro – 14 – 19 Oct 2019 – Fully Booked (with Peter Gordon)
Torridon – 24 – 28 Oct 2019 – 2 Places Available (with Peter Gordon)
Scotland – 29 Oct – 4 Nov 2019 – 1 Place Available


Iceland South Coast  – 27th Jan – 3rd Feb 2019 – 2 Places Available
Glencoe, Scotland – 13 – 16 Feb 2020 – Available
Lake Baikal, Siberia – 23 Feb – 2 Mar 2020 – Fully Booked (with Peter Gordon)
Isle of Skye, Scotland – 20 – 24 Apr 2020 – Fully Booked
West of Ireland – 27 Apr – 3 May 2020 – 1 Place Available
Montenegro – 13 – 19 May 2020 – Available
Brittany – 1 – 6 2020 – Fully Booked (with Peter Gordon)
Montenegro – 6 – 11 Oct 2020 – 1 Place Available


Meeting Point by Daragh Muldowney

What camera system are you using? Tripod? Whats in your bag and why?

I have 2 cameras. Canon 5DSr and Sony A7RII. I mostly use the canon as it has a little more MP than the Sony but in low light situations and big gaps in dynamic range I use the Sony. I have 4 lenses – Canon 70-200mm F2.8, Sigma Art 24-70mm, Canon 16-35mm MKIII and Canon 100mm Macro. A metabones adapter that allows me to use the lenses on the Sony. I have a Macro slider for fine tuning those macro shots. Lee filter system, cable release, cleaning equipment and cloths, drying towel, shower cap (very useful in the rain), spare batteries, spare memory cards, allen keys.

What is your go to lens and why?

That depends on what I am shooting. I regularly get asked on tours which lens is needed for a particular shot and mostly the 16-35mm is the go to lens. However I always take all my kit with me. There are times I expect to be shooting a wide scene and end up getting a completely different shot to what I was expecting using the macro or the telephoto. I try to stay open to the unfolding lighting conditions that are continually changing.

You have exhibited your work all around the world. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes, my collection and book ‘Jewellery Box – Ireland’s Hidden Gems’, with the support of Culture Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs, has exhibited in New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Mexico City, Berlin, Dubai and Dublin. Jewellery Box is a collection of images from rock pools around the coast of Ireland. Seventeen counties touch the coast and there is at least one image from each county in the collection. Its great having this intimate knowledge of the Irish coast for the Irish tours I do with ExploreLight. Most images are shot using my macro lens and there is a unique abstract quality to the images.

Ocean Veil by Daragh Muldowney

What was your all time favourite photographic journey? Why?

It has to be ‘Out of Thin Air’. It was an epic journey. We sailed from Killary harbour in the west of Ireland to Greenland on a 49FT yacht. 3 major storms on route and then our arrival into a world with floating ice giants everywhere. Once in Greenland, I embarked on a journey exploring one of the glaciers…..4 days of hiking and camping on a glacier that never sees a soul. Then I camped on an island on my own for 8 days shooting small sculptural pieces of ice. An incredible journey that enabled me to create a stunning collection of images and a book that won the ‘2015 FEP European landscape book of the year’ award.

Glide by Daragh Muldowney

How long have you been leading ExploreLight workshops?

I have been running workshops for Explore Light for just over five years. I started running workshops in Wicklow and then bit by bit I started to do more and more with Peter and ExploreLight.

What are your favourite countries to visit with ExploreLight? Why?

That’s a hard question as each location has its own unique character and charm. They are all incredible location and they are always different. Each time I visit the same place the light is always different which allows us to capture the location in a new and unique way. I love passing on my experience of the locations so that the clients get a similar buzz that I get and it’s good to see them smile!!

Lake Baikal Russia
Inis Mor by Daragh Muldowney
Ahlies Bowl by Daragh Muldowney
Iceland Nights by Daragh Muldowney
Meltwater by Daragh Muldowney
Passing by Daragh Muldowney
Pressure by Daragh Muldowney
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