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Sometimes a plan just comes together. Sometimes there’s no plan at all yet everything still comes together. It was the latter. An amazing moment where the universe just seemed to come into alignment. The Playa is one of my all time favourite images and some of the best fine art photography I have ever produced. The image was captured while shooting ‘Life and Death – The Temple’ and presents the out worldly environment in which the Temple exists. If you fancy seeing a fine art print of The Playa it will be on exhibit at the Alliance Francaise in Dublin for the next few weeks. Click here for more info. Or check out the image in our gallery.


The Playa by Peter Gordon

I had been standing on the first level of the Temple of Transition looking out at a blanket of dust. I mean you could see nothing, complete whiteout. The mezzanine was busy and room was limited. A wedding had just begun and more people flooded in. Within all the commotion a clearance arrived and light poured through the dust, the playa and the people. Within minutes the dust disappeared and everything looked crisp and clean again. I was able to fire off two frames before space became too limited and the light changed. I just love the girl looking out through the earth harp and the placement of so many stories in a vast but clean place. The image capture the crazy and wonderful environment perfectly for me.

‘The Playa’ was part of the European Photographer of the Year award in 2013. It has been exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy and published in numerous Irish and International Publications.

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