Iceland Favourites

We have been running photography workshops in Iceland for many years now. There’s nothing like having good experience of locations, and an even greater insight into weather and conditions. It makes for a safer and better photography experience. Alas I digress.

Iceland is one of those places that simply knocks your socks off. Stunning and unusual, challenging and rewarding. A landscape photographers paradise. We love it so much we will be returning to run workshops of various lengths later this year and in 2019.

Iceland West Coast – Nov 2018

Iceland South Coast – Feb 2019

Iceland West Coast Feb 2019

With many years experience shooting and running workshops in Iceland it seemed to make sense to compile a blog with some of our very favourite images. Hope you enjoy !

Thor get off that iceberg! Actually don’t its a great picture.. Wait for a big wave instead đŸ™‚
A still subtle morning at the galcial lagoon Iceland. Perfect for patterns and reflections.
Water rushing off the most beautiful roof I have ever seen. Cant wait to go shoot the ice caves again this year..
Perfect reflections and a gentle aurora. That mountain ain’t bad either.
Fantasy land at the end of the earth. This image was hard fought but so worth it. Never seen so many stars.
It was hard to know where the sky begun and ended. We we’re already late for breakfast with very little sleep but I just had to skip it and grab the shot.
Cold crisp mornings at the iconic plane wreck. More difficult to access than ever.
Buried in the snow .. A thing of beauty ..
I enjoy the simplicity in this scene. The aurora was going off at Skogafoss on iceland’s south coast..
I love the clean minimal space you find on Iceland’s desolate landscape. Please add rainbow:)
Looking for that perfect combo of icebergs on the black beach in Iceland can be tough sometimes. Couple that with a great sky and it can be a pretyy photogenic place..
The perfect peaks. A gentle aurora but we had a great foreground and the place all to ourselves.
Just nothing but that mountain. That will do ..
Trying to find something a little more original on that beach. Who needs separation?
Dark, dark, dark. What can I say. It was an amazing night and I love dark top and bottom.
Perfect pastels at the glacial lagoon on Icelands south coast..
Totally engulfed by snow and wind. Just raw energy..
We eventaully became surrounded by howling winds and intense snow but in the middle of the snow storm there was a moment. These are my favourite times as weather builds or declines into something genuinely powerful. Iceland 2015 and my personal favourite in 2015..
Frozen black beach anyone?
It was like we had ordered a spotlight. Fleeting but amazing light. Just how I like it ..
A still subtle morning at the glacial lagoon Iceland. Perfect for patterns and reflections.
It’s literally a huge cavern of insanely beautiful patterns..make sure to get yourself down to a cave in Iceland asap..




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