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We just love our job. Visiting stunning photographic locations throughout Europe, with great groups of people, laughing a lot with a constant stream of inspiration. With that in mind, it seemed to make sense to share a favourite image from the many locations we look forward to seeing this year. We hope you enjoy the selection as much as we enjoy bringing you guys on the adventure and making these pictures.

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Ice Beach – South Coast Iceland by Daragh Muldowney

It would be difficult to think south coast Iceland and not hope to see the Northern Lights blazing above you lighting up the night sky. A sight to behold. The aurora was really dancing when Daragh captured this stunning image on our south coast tour. The aurora is more commonly photographed at the lagoon on the other side of the road but Daragh managed to capture something a bit unique in this shot with the tide combining perfectly with our glowing green foreground.

Iceland South : 21 – 28 Jan 2020

Fairytale Lofoten, Norway by Peter Gordon

It’s hard not to just love, love, love this view on the Lofoten Islands. The iconic red cottages, towering mountains and wild sea. Let’s just say it lines up really nicely. On a snowy morning in January at sunrise, a flash was used to freeze the incoming snow. We love how the red just pops through this scene and the use of flash really helps capture quite a unique take on this location.

Lofoten, Norway : 22 – 28 Jan 2020

Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall – Northern Iceland by Thor

Like a pearl of vibrant colour deep in the heart of Northern Iceland. A real stunner by Thor capturing the majesty of this location. In the winter you can only access the waterfall view by super jeep so it’s quite the reward to come back with an image like this. As you approach the waterfall its a sight to behold as the deep glacial blues emerge from the snow. Not just a great image but one of the top experiences on an ExploreLight tour.

Iceland North : 13 – 18 Feb 2020 

Baikal Graphics – Russia by Daragh Muldowney

To say Daragh has created a stunning body of work from Lake Baikal would be an understatement. Picking a favourite is nigh on impossible but here’s one we just love. Crazy graphic foreground and rock structures. Our number 1 adventure workshop as we traverse the lake by van finding unspilt and stunning ice structures. Unique and different. We love it ..

Lake Baikal, Russia : 24 Feb – 3 Mar 2020

Eilean Donan – Scotland by Peter Gordon

Ah yes that moody Scottish light. Rain, sun, rain, sun and then bang some truly magical light. A Scottish favourite as all the stars just aligned for this image. The light broke as the showers cleared, and we we’re left with that very special transitional moment of perfect light. Throw in a good reflection and some atmospheric processing and you have one of our all-time favourite Scottish images.

Isle of Skye, Scotland : 20 – 24 Apr 2020

Scotland : 27 Nov – 2 Oct 2020

Belvedere – Tuscany, Italy by Peter Gordon

Perched on top of a perfect Tuscan hill sits Belvedere. A mecca for photographers and hopefully you can see why. The hills we’re clad in mist and the warm light just lifted the whole scene minutes before the sun fully rose. Chasing the mist is just like chasing the northern lights. It transforms the landscape. We suggest following up a misty Tuscan sunrise with some great Italian coffee and fresh pastries. A winning morning for sure ..

Tuscany, Italy : 20 – 24 Apr 2020

West Coast of Ireland – Michael McLaughlin

The west of Ireland is very much about the mood and atmosphere. Seascapes, lakes, rivers, it really has it all. Michael has a real knack for capturing that drama in black and white and we absolutely love what he has created here. Beaming God rays, dramatic structure and some stunning black and white finishing. Fair play Michael. Fair play Ireland. Its our backyard.

West of Ireland : 27 Apr – 3 May 2020 

Lake Bled, Slovenia by Peter Gordon

A moment of pure magic Lake Bled style. It’s fair to say Peter is a bit of a sucker for a good reflection. When the mist comes through (which it often does) and the reflections sit down there is no better location to shoot than Lake Bled. Special, a special light, and a special, special morning.

Slovenia : 27 Apr – 2 May 2020

Connemara Breaking Light, Ireland by Peter Gordon

We we’re waiting undercover as the showers poured through on the Bog Road in Connemera. There was something in the air that made us feel like that light could break at any moment. And when it did it was out of this world. The reflection sat down and we worked hard for a brief but incredible 5 minutes.

Connemara, Ireland : 5 – 11 May 2020

Plitvice, Croatia by Peter Gordon

You just need to go there to believe. Yes the water is actually that green and theres cascades of water and dramatic waterfalls gushing all around. What a place for a morning hike. Just out of this world ..

Croatia : 6 – 10 May 2020 

Kotor Bay, Montenegro by Daragh Muldowney

High above the picturesque historic town of Kotor, there are amazing views into the fjord which really show off the amazing graphic of mountainous Montengero. Daragh was treated to some gob smacking light show and we feel like he’s really nailed it.

Montenegro : 13 – 19 May 2020

Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites, Italy by Peter Gordon
The pre-dawn adventure in Alpi di Suisi was more than worth the early start as the mist rolled in and the light illuminated the scene. The meadow is just such vibrant colours in the summer and those towering peaks provide the perfect backdrop.
Dolomites: 8 – 13 July 2020
Fishing Hut Brittany, France by Daragh Muldowney

Minimalism, long exposure and gentle perfection is the order of the day in Brittany. We love the simple and stunning images Daragh came back with from his scouting mission last year. So much to choose from here but the quiet beauty of this simple hut just shades it for us.

Brittany, France : 1 – 6 Sep 2020

Trøllkonufingur, Faroe Islands by Peter gordon

There’s nowhere quite like the Faroes for that changing light. We had waited through a rainshower for this image as a little glimmer of light on the horizon suggested something great was coming. Delighted to say we were not disappointed and the God beams illuminated the location magnificently ..

Faroe Islands 15 – 21 Sep 

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