European Photographer of the Year 2012 (FEP)

You know when you have an early wake up call its just impossible to sleep. The alarm was set for 4. Sure enough the iphone was checked at least 4 times before the alarm actually went off at a very unpleasant hour. Id like to blame my wife, but to be fair there was anticipation in the air. Myself and Dad we’re heading to the FEP awards ceremony and International Photo Days conference in the beautifully scenic Gmunden, Austria. I knew I had already won the Reportage Golden Camera for a series of images shot at the Burning Man Festival but I was down to the last six for the overall European Photographer of the Year award. Check out the winning and nominated entry below.

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Having traveled cross country to reach our destination I was genuinely humbled by the quality of what I saw when I arrived. Firstly the exhibition of the winning category entries – gold, silver and bronze we’re stunning. Beautifully crafted and creative photography from some of Europe’s best. A real joy to see all in one place. Then a one hour talk and presentation by Martin Vrabko. Martin’s work is simply beyond good. Its relentless in quantity and sublime in quality. Having seen all of this amazing work I just felt happy to be there win, lose or draw.

Que the awards ceremony presentation and I must admit I felt really, really nervous. There were lots of qualifications, book prizes etc to give out but in the end I was left on the stage with the other five finalists. I’m delighted to report that my name was called and I was named European Photographer of the Year. Dad was on hand to congratulate  me and snap some pictures below. The celebrations were long and hard. Trophies got left in fridges and wiley Irish men narrowly avoided missed flights to exotic destinations. That sounds like a good night doesn’t it??


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