Embrace the Rain – Spring Landscape Photography Ireland

I think it’s fair to say we get our fair share of rain in Ireland. Ok I think its fair to say we get more than our fair share of rain in Ireland. Is it a bad thing? Could it be a great thing for landscape photography? Well its not good for lazing around the beach half naked baking in the midday sun. Its not good for mid summer swims and long social evenings enjoying cool crisp pint bottles in balmy surroundings. Ok stop stop there’s good news. Never fear because if you like landscape photography the rain can also be your friend. Spring is supposedly here so lets use Spring as our focus.

019The Shire - Cloghleagh_

Cloghlea Woods on a Damp Spring Day – Love the Rain..

Any day now the forests of Ireland will blossom and the vibrant greens will grow from every branch. There’s a luminosity to new growth that both our cameras and eyes love. Its coming soon so get ready for action. So what role does the rain play in all this? When the vegetation is wet it looks better. The colour is more vibrant which means better conditions for landscape photography. I sh*t you not. Whenever I was out shooting spring or autumn colours for the Wild Garden project I was always on the look out for a damp overcast day. Not only was the colour of the vegetation more vibrant but the even light was perfect for forest and waterfall scenes. Check out the images below if you don’t believe me. So when its overcast and damp next month get yourself down to Glen of the Downs, Cloghleagh or Glendalough.

So does anybody like the rain yet???

016Rejuvenation - Clogheagh _
017Westlands - Cloghleagh_

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