Effective Planning for Landscape with Lee Filters/Conns Cameras – FREE TALK

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Effective Planning for Landscape with Lee Filters/Conns Cameras – FREE TALK

We are delighted to announce Peter will be giving a totally free talk on April 22nd, 12.30 pm UTC +1 (DUBLIN TIME). The talk is in association with Lee Filters and Conns Cameras, both wonderful supporters of ExploreLight over many years, and 2 amazing companies within the photographic community in Ireland and internationally.

So what’s this talk all about? Put simply – the weather and the landscape. What a match? Having a really good understanding of what type of weather forecast produces what type of light can really help you to plan more effectively for your landscape shoots. I’m getting ready to release a whole new 5-hour course on this very topic but before that happens I’m delighted to announce I will be doing this as a totally free talk. I’m going to be talking weather apps, cloud heights and forecasts, tides, and more. I’m a big believer in marrying technique to conditions both in the field and in post-processing. Hence expect lots of tips and ideas around what settings and what filters will work with what type of conditions. It’s the secret sauce of ExploreLight planning, and some really core information that helps inform all those location decisions I make around workshops. As we move towards more freedom of movement this talk should give you some great insights into planning your landscape photography shoots over the coming months.

The event is free and LIVE on Facebook! Why not join at the link below? APRIL 22, 2021 AT 12:30 PM UTC+01 – 1:30 PM UTC+01
Some images below to set the scene. Hopefully see you all April 22nd .. 

Bull Island Birds, Dublin – Ireland

This was a hard-fought shot in my local Dublin Bay. The tide is covering a causeway and a Spring tide is needed to have the water in just the right place. Big tides, sunrise, and interesting light all needed to line up. Needless to say, it took a few attempts. I used my little stopper to achieve a 30-second exposure and smooth out the water in the foreground. The long exposure also blurred the cormorants that landed on the causeway plus it turned the red boat behind the lighthouse into a smooth red line. The long exposure was essential to making this a more abstract interpretation of the landscape.

Nikon d850, 70 – 200, Little Stopper (6 Stop), f11 at 30 Seconds ISO 32

Mont Saint Michel, France

A perfect summer dawn at Mont Saint Michel, Normandy France. Special moments like this when everything comes together with the light are what we live for as landscape photographers. The mist arrived the reflection sat down and the tide was in just the right place. The location is more like a fairytale than a real place. Special morning.

Nikon d850, 24 – 70, Lee Filters .6 Medium Grad, f8 at 13 seconds ISO 64

Free Weather and Planning Talk with Peter Gordon

Join the Event - In Association with Lee Filters and Conns Cameras

Mellon Beach – Scottish Highlands

The wind was ferocious and the hailstones were pouring down from above. Still, it can feel so calm when you’re in the eye of the storm. Especially in a majestic location like Mellon in Scotland. I’ve used a 3 stop ND to get a 2-second exposure. Slow enough to blur the water but not so slow to lose all texture. My 3 stop is a key part of my filter setup.

Nikon d850, 24 – 70, Lee 3 stop ND, Lee .6 medium grad ND, f11 at 2 seconds ISO 64

Doo Lough, Co Mayo Ireland

It feels like the wind is always blowing at Doo Lough, Co Mayo, and capturing a gentle reflection can feel challenging. A moody evening and something in between reflection-wise was enough for me in this stunning location. The collection of Scots Pines really juts out beautifully against the evening sky. Nothing fancy here , just a simple Lee Grad to hold the sky in.

Nikon d 850, 14 – 24 2.8 and my trusty .6 medium grad

Hamnoy Bridge – Lofoten

It’s one of the most iconic views out there for landscape photographers. Those little red cottages in Lofoten. So photogenic and instantly recognisable. The weather was grey before dawn so I decided to use my flash to freeze the falling snow. A simple .6 soft grad was enough to hold in the simple sky.

Nikon d850, 14 – 24, .6 Soft Lee Grad, SB 900 Flash, f5.6 at 1/100 second ISO 1600

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