Ed Gordon – Photographic Renaissance

We have some beautiful new imagery to share with you this week from ExploreLight’s Ed Gordon. Ed had a bit of a creative hiatus for the last few years but it’s fair to say Ed is back with a bang, and reconnecting with his first love, black and white. He is even running his own new set of workshops, again returning to his roots, with a workshop on ‘Nudes in the Landscape’ in Greece this coming September.

According to Ed, ‘Black and White had always been my passion yet somewhere along the road with the advent of the digital world I lost the hunger. To me, Photoshop was not the darkroom and never could be. About a year ago I discovered “From Basics to Fine Art”, a wonderful book written by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou. Immediately I felt energised again and began to using Joel’s panel software to process my images. To me, it was as intuitive as the darkroom and it called on my knowledge of the Zone System. It allowed me to create intensities of light and tone in an image and almost overnight it was a joy to be back in the darkroom albeit on a keyboard’. 

We are certainly glad your back. On his fine art nude work:

‘For me it is one of the most beautiful things in creation. When placed simply in the landscape it gives to me the double satisfaction of the landscape and beautiful form. It is to me an expression of both beauty and innocence. My photography of the nude is a statement of my desire to view and express that beauty in my images’.

Check out Ed’s upcoming nudes workshop here.


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