Brittany – NEW Images from Daragh

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Brittany – NEW Images from Daragh

Greetings from ExploreLight HQ. We hope you have been enjoying some holidays and some well-desereved travel. I’m just back in from a week in Wexford in southern Ireland. No photography just BBQs, cold beers, and good wine, loads of fishing, and a few rounds of golf. Sea Bass and birdies are elusive. Holidays are over and my mind is really starting to swing back to photography and the adventure that lies ahead this Autumn. Sooo many amazing experiences ahead.

Despite the emphasis on personal time over the last few weeks the amazing Daragh Muldowney has produced some fresh and stunning new images for your viewing pleasure. All the work below is from Brittany captured last September. Lighthouses and long exposure is the name of the game in Brittany. Great scope for minimalist composition too which Daragh is a dab hand at capturing. Hopefully, you enjoy the images below. See you next week for more new images ..

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Best wishes and hope you enjoy the new images .. Peter

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Pastels at dawn Brittany. Long exposure simplifies the scene and make the foreground pattern even more graphic. f11 60 seconds 6 stop

Brittany has so much scope for minimal abstracts. A Dargah special here. Love the patterns and gentle colours. f11 120 seconds 10 stop

A different take on these stunning huts. Do you like the quicker exposure? Great to mix it up and capture a range of moods. f11 1/8000

Right on the precipitous. You can just feel the history of these locations. Another stunning dawn for Daragh and the crew. f11 60 seconds 3 stop ND

History and a functioning lighthouse combine. Arrive early for the best light on these clear days. f11 30 seconds 6 stop

More goodness from Brittany!
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