Back From the Arctic : New Images

Peter, Daragh, and Thor are just back from some amazing winter adventures in Lofoten and Iceland. The clouds didn’t lift totally at night, and while we got some northern lights there wasn’t an epic display on either trip. This was more than made up for by some stunning clouds, moody light, ice caves, and some beautiful fresh snow at both locations. Both of these locations never fail to deliver but each year is different. That’s the beauty of going back for our tour leaders. Its always different, always unique with new and exciting things to shoot.

Iconic View Lofoten – The group were staying in these cottages with only a short skip to walk until sunrise. Not a bad start to the day as the whole scene was glowing purple and the fresh snow cover absorbed the colour. You just cant go wrong with this view.. Lee Filters 9 soft Grad ND

Special thanks to our sponsors Lee Filters as always. Our workshop participants always enjoy the extra use of Lee filters. All images below were made using the Lee system.

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We hope you enjoy some of the new images below. Loads more still to process but here’s ta few that highlight some of the fantastic conditions the groups experienced.

Diamond Beach, Iceland – endless compositions abound. Black sand, huge pieces of ice, and some great water movement. Lee Filters  Little stopper, .9 soft grad
Hamnoy, Lofoten – Towering mountains and the perfect contrast to a freshly snow-covered scene. These cute little cottages really provide some amazing photographic opportunities. It’s an amazing experience to actually stay in them too and just wake up to such an insane view. Lee Filters  Big Stopper, .6 Medium Grad
Vik Sunset – The wind was howling but the light was good. Battling the elements in Iceland is as natural as making a stunning picture at this iconic location. Colour, swell and great sea stacks. Did we mention the black sand? Lee Filters Little Stopper, .9 Medium Grad
Sunrise Lofoten – One of the more minimal views from the Lofoten trip. Simple or epic is always possible in Lofoten. the group were treated to some fantastic colour, married to some gentle reflections. Nothing better than an Arctic beach for sunrise. Lee Filters 3 Stop ND .9 Soft Grad
Vik, Iceland – Snow, Black sand and the white swell provided stunning lines to bring the ye perfectly through the scene. Long exposure to smooth the water and the iconic stacks of Vik the perfect backdrop. Lee Filters  3 Stop ND
Blue Hour, Lofoten – One of the most amazing things about shooting so far North in the winter is the softness of the light. It just goes on all day. A 4-hour sunrise that blends with sunset and some magical blue hour light on either side.  Lee Filters Little Stopper, .6 Medium
Northern Lights, Iceland – Allusive but always stunning.
Northern Lights, Lofoten – Allusive but always stunning.
Ice Cave Iceland – Nothing compares to you. Patterns, shapes, and just insane textures. The group experienced some heavy snow en route but check out the rewards.
Standing in the Waves Lofoten – Sometimes you just have to get your feet wet for the shot. Waiting for your wave isn’t just for the surfers. The group got some moody light and the perfect swell. The colour of that water ain’t bad either? .Lee Filters  6 medium grad ND





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