Amazing Dublin Sunrise

I left my house this morning with a good friend and fellow photographer at 7.15 heading for Sandymount Strand. Role on 7.30 and the intended coffee stop was cut immediately short when we saw the sky to the east. It was an hour and ten minutes still to sunrise but the sky was already on fire. Just extraordinary scenes. We teach a lot about reading forecasts in our workshops and the planning really paid off this morning.

We shot furiously for over an hour looking out to Poolbeg and back across to DunLaoghaire. Amazing clouds and colour, perfect stillness and the tide in just the right place.  Hope you enjoy the images below. My enthusiasm may have got the better of me in the last video which was live on our Facebook page. 🙂

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7:28am Sandymount. More than 1 Hour Before Sunrise
7:43am Perfectly Still
7:57am The Sky was in full effect with gentle pastels everywhere.
8:12 Poolbeg Starts to Glow Red as it Reflects the amazing orange clouds.

Blazing Sunrise Sandymount Strand

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