A Photography Blog That Gives You More

The photography blog on our old site was, shall we say, dormant, possibly extinct, defunct, idle, just write something will ya..you get the idea. New site, new ideas, new ways of sharing our photography, our insights, our stories and our thoughts.

We’ve changed the way we display our photography online. Prior to the build of our new site we had a gallery page with tonne’s of images in various galleries but we didn’t feel the method of organision reflected our current direction. The way we work is much more focused than before and as such, so is the manner in which we display our work. Only the strongest shall prevail. Only our best photography, the photographs that we love the most and the work that furthers the goal of the particular project will be displayed in the project galleries proper. We will periodically post images from this area, in our blog, in a series entitled ‘The One that Got Away’

We also have lots of great odds and ends, beautiful images that haven’t made it into the project gallery proper for various reasons. We want to start to share those images with you here on our blog. But more than this, we want to tell you about the thought processes behind the making of these images, the pluses and minus as we seem them, the reasons they haven’t made the grade.

Do you like taking landscape photographs in Ireland? Keep an eye out as we reveal our favourite locations for taking pictures in Ireland.

But there’s more. We also plan to share technical and creative articles that will help you improve your photography. There may even be some philosophical musings all things photography and art. We will be keeping travel journals when and as they happen.

All in all our new blog will become a place where photographers and art lovers a like will find something of interest.


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